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PCB inspection conveyor


PCB inspection conveyor can used for SMT assembly production line for visual inspection, manual assembly, and PCB buffering functions.Their advantage is with the short length, which allows them to be placed anywhere when you have space limited. The conveyor rail can adjust as your PCB width using screwball. covered with a green ESD surface & Made by aluminum Soldering Metal Plate, it gives a professional looking.


* Steel frame, static painted surface

* Smooth and parallel width adjustment(lead screw)

* With Omron sensor and high precision

* With the emergency button,and the

* With inspection mode and pass mode,and conveyor speed is adjustable

* Adopt professional wear-resistant and anti-static level belt and special electrophoresis 3.0mm thickness

* aluminum profile guide rail to ensure smooth connection and smooth transportation.

* Standard equipped with signal line, can be connected with other equipment online.

* Can be made according to customer requirements guide rail length of different connections.

  • CE certified

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